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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Equipment storage lease

Instructions and Help about Equipment storage lease

How's it going friend of mine had his son give me a ring because his sons looking for a space to store his equipment to run his business from and friend knows that I have a larger organization and so he connected the two of us this got me thinking because it's something I encounter all the time living in the world of lawn care and landscape because of service autopilot and of course having my business and something that I'm constantly giving advice on or constantly trying to I get someone I'm working with they're talking to to think about in a different way is how you go about spending money in the building of your company so case in point friend again connected his son with me and he wants to rent a space and he's approaching it correctly he's looking for something very cost-effective so I have a larger organization and those that have been to my company are surprised by the place that we run our business out of and at the end of the day it's a glorified storage facility and at that storage facility we've been able to rent some property some land in addition to just the storage units and we have a ton of storage units but the neat thing about this storage facility was it was also laid out in the front where there were a number I don't know I'd say about 20 small offices that were roughly 12 by 30 square feet each and these offices had a little front area and then in the back they had a little storage area where you could sort of pull a truck in so it can kind of imagine the office is a rectangle you can pull a truck in the back and then the very front you can have a small little working space I don't know if the size is 12 by 12 or 10 by 12 but it was a small little area and we converted those areas we knocked down the walls and made the entire little 12 by 30 square foot space into an office and then we rented multiple offices as we grew side-by-side and sort of put in doors and now it makes for a bigger office and the reason I'm telling you all of this I've got several examples here one is we have been in business now for a while and that's where we started and we had found it to be so cost-effective and it does present a few dilemmas for us as we're getting bigger and bigger but it has been so cost-effective as compared to building a multi-million dollar property or going out and renting something for 30,000 or 20,000 a month or whatever it might cost us to get the right property this has been so cost effective that it's allowed us to run very lean and efficient and so those that come to our organization and.

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