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Can a landlord void a rental agreement the day after it was signed?

Short answer - no! If you have a lease in your hand and if your physical occupancy of the premises is impaired: that is a criminal matter. If you have not established occupancy (changing locks; furniture) it may be harder to convince the police that you have been subjected to a landlord lockout. Forget about all the stuff in earlier comments. If you cant access your leasehold you need to immediately commence an action in a tenant-landlord court (and lacking such a court in a court of general jurisdiction) and to nail your summons and complaint to the door of the premises and mail the property owner a copy. You dont need a lawyer. Id ask the judge for permission to post a notice saying the occupancy is subject to a court action and that nobody may enter (except the owner- and even then only to do landlord/owner things): lis pendens (Lis pendens - Wikipedia ). If you really want to fix the landlord good: record your lease (which is a deed and any court orders you get with the county clerk. If any third parties have entered the picture -e.g. hold-over tenants or other new tenants, you must name them in your action- even as John and Jane Does if you dont know their names. Except for the lock out - this is a civil matter. The police will not touch it - except in so much as there is a lockout - with you freezing out in the dark and your unfed infant inside crying. nb: Tenant/Landlord Courts are bodies of limited but summary jurisdiction. These courts concern themselves with possession of the premises and not with money damages. It is possible that a Tenant/Landlord Court might award you three months costs for substitute accommodations. But if you want serious damages- you will want to commence the action in a higher court. Dont start in the lower court on the theory you can have larger money damages tried in a high court.

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