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Can I claim HRA if I don't have the owner's pan and rental agreement?

I infer from your query that you stayed in two premises during the year and you do not have the PAN of the landlord for the first place and PAN and rental agreement in the second premises. Obviously you could not have stayed in two premises simultaneously for the same period. As an employee you need to fill up Form12BB mentioning the property owners name, address and PAN where the rent for the year exceeds Rs.1 lakh. As your rent exceeds the same, it is a must so that your employer can give you deduction for HRA in the tax computation. Otherwise the employer will allow only for the period and in respect of the premises for which you have relevant documents. The employer will not credit for the other premises without PAN. However you can still claim the HRA for the other premises in your tax return. As this will not tally with your Form 16 you may ask to furnish details of your rent paid ( hopefully you have paid by cheque). So to summarise, the employer will not allow deduction where PAN and other details are not furnished but you can claim the same in your tax returns.

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