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How do I terminate a rental agreement in a student residence in?

It's just as crucial to end a contract as it is to start one. When you have a better grasp of what termination is and how to do it, it will come in helpful if you ever find yourself in a similar scenario. The rental agreement's Termination clause is quite crucial. Both the tenant and the owner are legally obligated by the clause's provisions. If your rental agreement specifies a two-month notice period for termination, the tenant or the owner must notify the other two months in advance of the termination. If the tenant is unable to wait until the notice time expires, he will be required to pay rent for the notice period, even if he does not remain in the rented home. To avoid misunderstandings, any party should offer a written notification. There are likely no hazards if both parties, the owner and the tenant, have no objections to the arrangement being terminated. The tenant is obligated to pay if the owner wants a few months' rent and any other costs that are in compliance with the agreement.

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