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Rental Agreements:?

It can depend on your lease and the flexibility of your current landlord. If you are looking to rent from an apartment community, oftentimes the landlord may know of apartments that will be coming available outside of the typical 30-day window if a tenant knows in advance that they will be moving and has given their notice of their intent to vacate. In some cases, if a resident needs to break a lease and notifies the landlord that they will be ready to leave as soon as a new tenant can be found, it can improve the flexibility factor for new seekers. If you know you need to move and do not intend to renew your lease at its expiration, but are concerned about being able to find the perfect new place before you must leave your current home, talk your current landlord. See if they will allow you to sign a lease extension as a tenant-at-will so that you can give your 30-day notice as soon as you find a place to live. There may be some overlap in cost of living for the particular month in which you move between rent for the current and new place. If you have already found the perfect new apartment but it won't be ready for 2 weeks or so after when you need to be out of your current place, talk to your landlord to see if they can offer you an extension for a few weeks -- if they haven't already rented the apartment, they will likely accommodate your request because it is more profitable for the landlord to have the unit rented as long as possible instead of sitting vacant.

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