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What do I do if I live in Washington State and I want my roommate to?

So, a) are you saying you each have a month-to-month agreement with the landlord? Or b) are you saying youre subletting to her and she has a month-to-month agreement with you, while you have a longer lease with the landlord? Or c) do you mean that she signed a lease with the landlord and is subletting to you? If (a) or (c) is the case, then the obvious answer here is for you to move out. If the (b) is the case, then you have a problem. You cant move out without breaking the lease with the landlord, and if the landlord did not know you were letting this woman live in the place you, you will have an unhappy landlord on your hands. In this event, you have a few choices: Quit bellyaching and just wait until your lease runs to its end and then move out. As soon as latest month for which she has paid expires, have the locks changed, pack up all her stuff and set it neatly outside, and lock the doors. Well before doing this, you should quietly tell her, without losing your temper or getting snarky, that you expect her to move by thus-and-such a date. In fact, you should give her that notice in writing, and keep a copy for yourself. If she puts up a fuss when she comes home and finds all her stuff stacked outside the front door, call the police. Inform the landlord that you allowed this lady to room with you but that she is violating her agreement and you would like her to move: would he please advise? He may be able to tell her to move, if she does not have a lease with him; or if she is violating the terms of the lease you each signed with him (no smoking), he may be able to evict her. (Good luck with this scheme, but if nothing else worksthe landlord cant hit you for asking! There is, however, the chance that you also will be invited to move.) ***** And finally, here is the best choice: consult with a lawyer about the problem. You need to know what your rights are (and what hers are) before proceeding with any strategy other than #1. *****

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